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Kommande SDF arrangemang

24 Aug 2018;
Domarträff Väst
04 Sep 2018;
Domarträff Öst
14 Sep 2018;
SDF Spanien
19 Sep 2018;
Domarträff Närke/Värmland
02 Oct 2018;
Domarträff Öst
06 Nov 2018;
Domarträff Öst
12 Nov 2018;
Domarträff Närke/Värmland

Elisabeth Rennerfelt


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Kennel name Quicksilver
Website -
Year of birth 1936
Profession Veterinary (surgeon)
Licensed to judge at CAC shows since 1968
Licensed to judge following breeds Show all >>
Has owned dogs since 1950
Own breeds

Poodle (miniature and toy), Smooth Fox Terrier, Dachshund, Norwich Terrier, Flatcoated Retriever, Border Terrier

Language skills English, german, french, spanish
Has judged at CAC level in following countries


Breeder of following breeds (now and/or in the past)

Mainly Poodles, some litters with Flatcoated Retriever, Smooth Fox Terrier and Dachshund (feathered)

Stud dogs (now and/or in the past)

Mimiature Poodle, Flatcoated Retriever

Own successful dogs

Ch Quicksilver Jumpin' Jack
Ch Quicksilver Titania
Ch Bidabo Beefeater (BIS winner)

Other interests

Litterature, food and dining, travels, languages, family